About Us


So the story goes like this. Take two old friends, add in some whiskey poured over ice, mix in some great conversation and what do you get? A watered down drink that at one time had some pretty tasty whiskey in it. The reason… life distracts you. Lancaster Steel’s solution… don’t let distractions ruin your whiskey.


We founded Lancaster Steel in Lancaster Pennsylvania in the summer of 2016 because we wanted a Lowball whiskey tumbler that wouldn’t let life’s distractions ruin our hand-crafted cocktails. We are proud to say that we are the first company to create a stainless steel, double-wall, old fashioned style lowball tumbler with a sweat resistant design. Since then, we have engineered the Pub Pint and Stemless Wine Tumblers with the same great features as the Lowball. Oh, and don’t forget our policy of 100% quality inspection combined with our 100 year warranty.



We want to share our creation with you. Follow us on Instagram to see how we and our customers are enjoying our Lancaster Steel Lowball. Now go on, join the Lancaster Steel movement, fill your Lowball with some liquid sunshine on the rocks and let life distract you without fear. You have earned it. The next one is on us. Cheers!